Rules and Regulations of the charter of Fair Trade Organic Wine (Bio Vin Solidaire)

Members must adhere to the following:

  • Respect organic production methods
  • Produce wine in accordance with EU regulations for organic wines
  • Follow legal requirements for the establishment of upstream and downstream traceability
  • Conduct tests for pesticide residue on all batches of wine produced in association with charter
  • Conduct tests to objectively monitor quality of batches to ensure no major deficiencies
  • Respect relationships through fair trade, equality and reciprocity.

Undergo an inspection provided by the Monitoring Committee.
The Monitoring Committee consists of nine members:

  • 3 representatives from wine cooperatives
  • 3 representatives from wine wholesalers
  • 3 representatives from the Vignerons Bio d'Aquitaine (Organic Winemakers of Aquitaine)

The Monitoring Committee requires:

  • Verification of compliance of supporting documents requested
  • Verification of producer's income based on contractual agreements and production costs
  • Qualitative evaluation through blind tasting.

If the member has satisfied all these requirements, the applicant will be notified for authorization to use the Fair Trade Organic Wine (Bio Vin Solidaire) logo for the product(s) concerned